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Culinary Arts prepares students to practice the managerial, production, and service skills used in food establishments and related food industry occupations. Students begin to prepare for occupations in the food service industry, such as chef/cook, baker/pastry chef, and hospitality worker.

At Gar-Field HS, we offer various levels of engagement with our Culinary Program.  Please refer to the Program Sequence Chart below.

​Throughout the program, students have the opportunity to plan, select, store, purchase, prepare and serve food and food products; study basic nutrition, sanitation, and food safety; learn the use and care of commercial equipment; and practice the operation of institutional food establishments. Students also have an opportunity to practice serving and dining room management including real-world experiences working cooperatively with various food establishments in the community and local business owners.

Transport Students: Two-year program of study begins in eleventh grade.

Base School GF Students: Four-year program of study that can start as early as 9th grade​

Transfer Students: Students cannot transfer to GFHS for our Culinary Program, but they can attend GFHS on transfer for IB and use the Culinary Sequence as part of their pursuit of the IB Career Related Certificate.

 GFHS In Person and Virtual Special Programs Events
November 15, 2023 (7pm) @ Gar-Field HS (enter door 17)
January 9, 2024 (7pm) @ Zoom (link to be shared soon)

Gar-Field Senior High School
Culinary Program Instructional Staff


Chef Teresa Fernan

Culinary Arts Instructor
Phone: 703.730.7000

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*MCJROTC is not a transferable program by itself.  Students who want to transfer for MCJROTC in 9th or 10th grade must apply to the IB Program to be eligible for transfer (IB Career Program) 


*students who want to transfer for Computer Science must apply to the IB Program to be eligible for transfer

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*this is a transport program for 11th and 12th-grade students.

*students who want to transfer for Culinary in 9th or 10th grade must apply to the IB Program to be eligible for transfer (IB Career Program) 

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